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Timber veneers are a great way to add more value to your home and many items in it. Much like lamination, wood veneers not only perform a functional requirement but also give visual enhancement. Ideally, veneer doors should only be installed by skilled professionals for a number of reasons.

But before you get professionals for the job, you should know what kind of wood veneer to get, and whether you want veneer doors or any other option. Let us look at the most popular ones.


5 Popular Types of Veneer Doors


Customised Veneer


A very popular customized wood veneer produced by local artisans. This kind of veneer has special features that distinguish it from other kinds of veneers. Naturally, there is an indie vibe to these veneers which is highly sought-after.


Laminate Veneer


The most popular type of veneer out there – this is the kind of veneer that most people think of when undertaking renovations and other home improvement projects. These types of veneer doors are glossy and flexible. This makes them ideal for all kinds of veneer installation requirements.


Backed Veneers


Among the costliest types of veneer, backed veneers get their name from getting an addition in their manufacturing. This allows them to be more sturdy and flexible than other options. In addition, you can use these on both flat surfaces like veneer doors as well as round surfaces.


Raw Wood Veneer


This is a rather inexpensive kind of veneer but its cost can vary according to the type of processing it is given. For the most part, raw wood veneer has a variable kind of surface finish and it is hard to control the outcome. So, buying from reliable veneer doors vendors is recommended.


Rotary Cut Veneers


One of the most popular yet inexpensive options for veneers in the market, these are not often used on veneer doors. However, they can used to meet other requirements. The manufacturing process is also very simple and straightforward.


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