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Australia is known for having some of the most varied and unique flora and fauna in the world. This is especially true for the abundance of tree species and the beautiful timbers that come from them. People looking to get timberwood panels made from quality Australian timber to have many wonderful options to choose from. Here are a few favourites for Australian wood species to be used in veneer panels:

  • White Birch – a white or pale brown timber that has a relatively straight grain for an incredibly clean look when used in veneer panels.
  • Brushbox – an attractive reddish brown wood with a fine interlocking grain. This makes it very desirable for Timberwood panels and flooring.
  • Jarrah – this timber shows an excellent rich red color with a coarser grain than many other varieties.
  • Silky Oak – a very unique native Australian timber from the Grevillia tree. It is brown in color with many white/silver streaks across the surface. It can be used for veneer panels.
  • Sydney Blue Gum – a tree native to Sydney which finds extensive use in flooring and paneling. It has a reddish brown colour, sometimes with a slight pink hue.
  • Tasmanian Oak – undoubtedly one of the most loved Australia species for Timberwood panels. It has a beautiful light brown color and has a clean, neat grain pattern.

Processed Forest Products offers an extensive range of beautiful Australian timber species for veneer panels. No matter what natural timber style you need, we can give you the best Australian quality. Contact Processed Forest Products to learn more.

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