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Timber is a beautiful natural resource that finds extensive use in homes for furniture, structure, and wood paneling. However, timber can be easily exhausted if it isn’t responsibly managed. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent organization that has established a set of requirements and standards to ensure responsible use. FSC certified veneer ensures that the timber is responsibly sourced, processed, and sold to FSC standards. It greatly assists in preserving this beautiful resource.

There are two categories of certificates for FSC certified veneers, the forest management certification and the chain of custody certification. Forest management is used to show that the forests in which timber is grown are responsibly managed. The chain of custody certification guarantees that the production of wood paneling and veneer products meets FSC standards at all stages. These include sawmills, factories, and retailers.

Wood paneling providers get these certifications through independent bodies called auditors. These independent groups compare the company seeking certification to FSC standards. A company must choose an FSC certified auditor whose assessment will lead to a decision on their FSC certified veneer. This process is separated from the FSC to maintain separate decisions on requirements from those on companies, avoiding any conflicts of interest.

The majority of wood paneling products offered at Processed Forest Products will use FSC certified veneer. Visit us online or in-store to view our responsibly sourced range of timber products.

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