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If there is one material that has stood the test of time in design and construction, it’s timber. Modern building and decorating still make extensive use of timber, as its visual appeal remains unmatched. Timber panels have many favorable properties that make them great for construction, including a high strength to weight ratio, availability, and ease of forming. When used indoors some of these properties are not needed, and veneer panels are a better option.

There are some key advantages of using veneer panels instead of solid timber:

  1. Lower price for the same visible area

Firstly, a veneer is cheaper to cover the same area, as less wood is used. Covering a wall with timber panels would be a costly exercise but veneer allows this to be done economically, creating stunning feature walls.

  1. Design flexibility and color palette

Using veneer panels opens up many opportunities with design such as covering curved surfaces, something impossible with solid timber panels. A veneer is also much lighter, allowing the veneer to be used to bring a timber look to areas where weight is an issue. Not every type of timber is possible to use in all cases, veneer panels can bring any timber look to all spaces, giving better color choice.

  1. Renewable and sustainable

All timber is renewable, but timber panels use complete pieces of solid timber, which requires a lot of resources for larger projects. A veneer only uses a very thin layer of wood that is attached to a substrate. This is a much more sustainable use of timber.

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