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For almost all resources, defects will substantially lower the value and are not desired when making products. Burlwood is the exception to this, being highly sought after for many wood products such as burl veneer. Burlwood comes from growths on trees called burls; they are generally round lumps in the trunk or roots which form when tree growth is split and uneven. Burls have a uniquely twisted grain structure as no two of these deformities happen the same way. This produces a one-of-a-kind pattern on each piece, very desirable by timber veneer suppliers who can transform the deformed wood into beautifully patterned burl veneers.

The process to create a burl veneer is similar to any other veneer. A base plank is cut to the required size and the burl wood pressed to a thin sheet (the thickness varies but can be as thin as 1mm) which is attached, usually with an adhesive to the plank. This method retains the pleasant pattern of the burl while having a more structurally stable base. It also helps control the price for timber veneer suppliers as high-quality burls can be rather costly. These beautiful burl veneers can be used to build furniture, doors, flooring, and more in homes.

Processed Forest Products are trusted timber veneer suppliers producing high-quality burl veneers in Sydney. Our expert craftspeople can produce stunning burl patterns and strong, long-lasting veneers; contact us today for a quote!

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