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Timber Panels and Timber Veneer sheets are two different forms of timber wood used in the construction of doors, wall panels, and furniture products. Timber veneer is the finest form of timbers because it is a real timber. One cubic meter of the blog produces around 1000 square meters of the veneer.

Whereas Timber panels are available in ready to use condition in natural material in many different forms like it is safe, it is easy to work, it is cost-effective, it is versatile and visually appealing and moreover, it is naturally anti-corrosive too. And, timber veneer sheets are produced by slicing or peeling of some selected logs at approximately 0.6mm or peeled at various thicknesses.

Some important technical notes for finishing for timber veneer and timber panels

  1. The need for finishing – This is important to select the suitable finishing option for the use of the Timber veneer application of the finished piece.
  2. Inspection and Preparation – DO not leave timber veneer sheets or panels exposed to wet or humid weather conditions.
  3. Selection of coating – It depends on the type of usage for timber veneer, whether for furniture or for any other purpose.
  4. Important Precaution – All coating should be applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Note that any short cut can cause problems.

For more technical details for timber veneer types as per their usage connect our experts at (02) 9771 5155. Here, you can fulfill all your requirements under one roof of Processed Forest Products


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