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Commonly we have 2 types of door laminations used in timber panels – Cross-laminated timber or glue-laminated timber. Both are engineered produced wood products, which are used in big timber constructions.

Cross-laminated timber is also called as CLT and Glue Laminated Timber is very much known as GLULAM. Do you know that the CLT lamination type for timber panels was first introduced in the 90s, which help architects and engineers to design fire safe and beautiful wood buildings?

Difference between both laminations mainly depends upon a few points:

Cross Lamination Timber Glue Lamination Timber
Layering is done using lamellas layering of timber wood Layering is done when a glued grain of timber together
Not much expensive Bit expensive a compare to CLT laminated timber
Offers a static system of lamination Offers Dynamic system of lamination


We as processed Forest Products expert can say, the future of both CLT and GLULAM laminations for timber panels are good enough because they becoming popular among architects and engineers.

What different range of timber panels, veneer doors, or any other forest processed products we have?

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