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Fire rated doors are built to reduce fire and smoke from spreading between areas in a building when an emergency occurs. These doors dramatically assist in escaping from buildings and can save lives, positioning these doors should not be overlooked because of this.
Fire rated doors are labeled with fire resistance levels measured in minutes that fall into three categories
1. Structural adequacy
2. Integrity and;
3. Insulation level
A door with a resistance level of 120/120/60 means that the wall remains vertical for 120 minutes if a fire occurs, fire won’t be able to pass through the wall for 120 minutes and the room on the other side of the fire won’t increase in temperature for 60 minutes.
Fire rated doors are absolutely essential in commercial buildings, hotels, and apartments. They are almost always seen in buildings with more than two floors and that hold many people. However, these doors aren’t only exclusive to these types of buildings; they can also be seen in residential homes and are becoming more popular due to the modern lifestyle of consumers who can fill their houses with synthetic and electrical products that are prone to fires. They can be styled with timber panels and in many different designs that will blend with the decoration and layout of a room.

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