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In the past, wood paneling was popular among homeowners who wanted to make their homes look nice. But it quickly lost its luster with the availability of modern home materials. Burl veneer and wenge veneer panels soon gave way to more colorful designs as homeowners started to look for a more preppy look for their homes.

But the use of wood paneling is gradually gaining traction once again. Some people have started to look at wood in a different light, so to say. They have become more creative as they combined light and dark colors to create eye-catching designs for their homes. While creative homeowners have created a homey living space for themselves, there are others who may have no idea on how they can effectively use wood paneling in their homes.

The following are some of the ways homeowners can effectively use wood paneling to make their homes stand out.

  • Create Sections in the Home

Wood paneling can be integrated into a modern home by using them to create sections inside the home. Homeowners can opt to create a small area inside a room using the material. For instance, wenge veneer or burl veneer wood can be used as a visual barrier for the area in the living room where the television is placed. This gives a sense of a separate space inside the living room. It can also be used to cover a section of the walls in a room. Using wood paneling this way gives the room a modern chic look since it creates visual interest with a sudden change in the texture of a certain area in the room.

  • Combine Colors in the Room

The light color of burl veneer wood panels makes them ideal for certain rooms in the home. These wood panels can be used on the floor and ceiling and combine them with the windows of the living room to give it an interesting modern design. While some homeowners may be concerned about making the area look like a log cabin, the availability of natural light coming through the windows will alleviate these fears. The layout can be taken a level higher with the presence of a fireplace set on light-colored stones. This will create a rather appealing focal point inside the room.

  • Three-Dimensional Layout

Wood paneling can be used to create a three-dimensional effect in the home. Homeowners can position some panels higher than the main backdrop to create a funky layout in one area of the home. Since modern styles are keen on the use of geometric layouts, burl veneer or wenge veneer panels with different sizes can be used on the walls of the house. Using large wooden panels create interesting geometric shapes on the walls. On the other hand, when smaller panels are used, it produces a collage effect, which is quite interesting to look at.

  • Create Sleek Lines Inside the Home

Homeowners can take advantage of the sleek geometry created by wood paneling. Using narrow strips of wood on the ceiling or walls of a room provide it a geometric look. Since modern architecture puts a premium on geometric designs, using wood paneling gives the home the look homeowners normally look for. Narrow wooden panels on the ceiling also create a visual appeal professional photographers look for in a picture. When this is combined with wide panels on the walls of the living room, it would easily grab the attention of visitors to the home.

  • Countryside Style

A countryside style is another popular design for modern homes these days. This layout combines wood paneling with modern materials currently available in the market. Wenge veneer or burl veneer wood can be used on the wall of one of the rooms in the home. When this is combined with suitably-colored chairs, it creates a rustic appeal people would normally find in high-end mountain resorts. Homeowners can raise this level of visual appeal by using geometry in the layout of the wood panels on the walls. This will make the room even more captivating to visitors of the home.

Some homeowners may have some apprehensions about using wood paneling in the layout of their homes. But if they are aware of how to use the material properly, they will likely look forward to the idea of using wenge veneer or burl veneer wood panels in different areas in their homes. For more information, visit Forest Products today.

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