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FSC Certified Veneer – Meeting Demand Sustainably In recent years, sustainability has become a major global issue across all areas ranging from timber production to fishing and a plethora of other industries. Large-scale production of wood paneling requires large supplies of timber and this puts a strain on forests. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was formed due to rapid deforestation in recent decades. They have created a series of regulations and certifications to ensure that natural forests and habitats are protected while supplying wood responsible to industries such as wood paneling.


FSC certified veneer is produced from wood responsibly sourced from forests around the world. Veneer cores can be made from FSC certified recycled or reclaimed material to lessen environmental impact. The outer panel, which is typically  0.5 millimeters thick, can be produced from beautiful new timber, resulting in a top-quality and highly sustainable FSC certified veneer. FSC certified products ensure that forests are sustainably managed, and their “chain of custody” certification guarantees that production and manufacturing processes are undertaken correctly to preserve and protect our forests.


Processed Forest Products are fully FSC accredited and produce FSC certified veneer from a range of responsibly sourced timbers, ensuring the natural beauty of wood paneling can be enjoyed for many years to come. Contact us today to enquire or request a quote.

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