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Timber veneer is the finest quality of veneer, which is renewable, reusable, recyclable, and completely biodegradable. The well managed forest from where we get our veneer must be maintained and filtered to produce the best quality if timber veneer. In addition, Veneer is the highest type of plywood used in various forms like, veneer boards, timber veneer panels etc.

There are mainly five measure specifications to grant a quality of timber veneer:

  1. Species identification
  2. Determined density
  3. Determined Stiffness
  4. Mechanical stress grading for any timber veneer panels.

Specifying veneer is challenging and rewarding experience. There may be different types of veneer species found in forest depending upon the quality of wood from which timber veneer is produce. It may have different cutting methods, splicing techniques to confront the specifier with many design possibilities. The manner in which timber veneer is sliced will decide its further variety, whether it could be Timber veneer sheets or timber veneer panels.

Some general points to keep in mind for specifying the Veneer quality and type:

  1. Type of species required
  2. Get aware with the natural characteristics of Veneer
  3. Type of cut we select
  4. Sometimes unique characteristics for timber Veneer is required.

We at Processed Forest Products guaranteed the quality of Veneer provided for multipurpose should always be prepared keeping its specifications in mind. To know more details about timber veneer, do visit Forest Products.

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