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Builders and carpenters make heavy use of wood in their creations, from solid timber to timber veneer, there is nothing like the look of quality wood. There are many different types of timber used in construction, but American oak veneer is one of the most popular. Veneers are thinly sliced pieces of quality wood that are glued to cheaper materials to give a luxury finish. Let’s take a quick look at how veneers are made.

A timber veneer starts, like all other timber products, as a tree, such as American oak veneer. The oak tree used is responsibly harvested and taken to be processed. Firstly, the oak logs are placed into a machine that scrapes off the bark, being careful not to scratch the wood below. The logs are then steamed or soaked to moisten them for more consistent peeling. Each log is cut into segments that are the required width of American oak veneer and placed onto a rotary cutting machine (called a lathe). This machine spins the log across a knife to peel off a long continuous slice of timber veneer of the required thickness. After cutting, the resulting veneer is taken to dry.

Now that the log has been transformed into timber veneer, the sheets are finished to the correct sizing and inspected. Faults in American oak veneer production may include splits or cracks, knot holes, and discoloration. The pieces that pass the inspection then either get sent to other manufacturers as timber veneer or are glued to other materials (called a substrate)to produce a range of boards such as plywood.

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