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One of the vital parts of homes and offices is the main door. Its purpose is to protect the people against intruders as well as the harmful elements found outside. Doors come in various styles, sizes and material made. Most of our traditional doors are made from solid wood materials. Nowadays, modern doors are designed to provide special usage like fire rated doors that are in huge demand both for domestic and commercial use. Do you want to know why?


Fire rated doors introduction

Aside from performing its purpose like any traditional door, custom made fire rated door is constructed with sturdy materials that have the ability to delay or at least contain the fire or smoke in one particular area once closed.

The materials used for fire rated doors are metal, steel, timber, glass and vermiculite boards. Fire rated doors have one thing in common, they are all fire resistant. What does this mean? It simply refers to the capacity to resist high temperatures during a fire.

There are at least two options to consider when choosing the style of your fire rated door, it can be single or double door. Both these options are available at the Forest Products site located in Milperra, NSW. The other features of fire rated doors is the additional coating given to ensure longer years of service and durability. Aside from that, if your priority concern is safety from unwanted people like burglars, fire rated doors have also break-in proof feature.


What makes a fire rated door extraordinary?

If you are still thinking about the benefits that you will get from investing your money on a fire rated door, here are some of them:

Withstand fire at a given timeframe

Depending on its material made, a fire rated door has the ability to withstand fire for an average of 30 minutes.

Top quality material used

As mentioned, this type of door is not your usual wooden door. There are other components that make it sturdy like the use of top quality flax board or wood material that has undergone special sealing process to assure it can stop or limit the spread of fire or smoke on the edges of the door.

Availability of a wide range of styles and designs

If you think the choices of styles for your fire rated doors can be limited to a few, you got it all wrong. There are a wide range of styles, designs and even patterns that you can choose including the final coating you want.

Undergone third party testing

Yes, this is one of the reasons why fire rated doors are in huge demand right now, not only for homes, but also in many establishments wanting to add more protection to the people as well as the belongings found inside their premises, each fire rated door created undergone quality assurance testing. Rest assured that if you order a fire rated door, this unit has been tested by a third party and proved to really work for its purpose like contain fire for a given period and lessen the occurrences of forced entry.

I do hope this post has enlightened you on fire rated doors. If you want to know more about the cost, installation process or where to order top quality fire rated door or veneer door, inquire at Forest Products. They offer a massive collection of timber veneer for your building and enhancement projects.


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