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Timber veneer is one of the finest form timbers because it is real. One cubic meter of log produces a minimum of around 1000 square meters of veneer. No other form of wood material marks in such kind of yield.

The benefits of using real timber veneer sheets are:

  1. A design collaboration with natural colors – The natural color variation in timber veneer sheets means each project looks different. No two veneers are exactly looking the same. Nature lifts the designs by giving individual natural colors to each veneer. Choosing from a vast array of species, colors, and timber grains. The final finishing is virtually identical to solid timber wood.
  2. Prestige and Versatility – Timber veneer is a sought-after, premium decorative finish that adds versatile style to your furniture and joinery. Timber veneer can be molded to fit in any shape and can be fitted to any stable commodity substrate.
  3. All warmth and depth of timber – Timber veneers sheets give natural warmth and ambiance to your projects. Timber veneer is warm and gentle in touch.
  4. Maximises nature’s resources – Each meter of timber is typically provided around 1000 slices of timber veneer in high efficient quality to use.


Describing Timber Veneer Sheets

Specifying timber veneer sheets can be a challenging and satisfying experience because there are different types of veneer species available from nature, which has different cutting styles. The manner in which timber veneer is sliced will produce completely different characteristics of individual timber.

With proper communication and planning with your supplier, you can find the perfect veneer for your projects. We at Forest Products, help to fulfil all your specific wants and needs.

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