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If you want to protect your home and loved ones from a fire, you need to install fire rated doors in your home. Here we will talk about what is a fire rated door and how it works.

Fire rated doors are special doors that can prevent flames from coming in when there’s a fire. It can also protect the structures inside the building from damage caused by the heat of the flame. This type of door is usually used when there are things that can burn or when there’s an increased risk of fire, such as in chemical factories and laboratories.

Fire rated doors are a special type of door that is intended to be used in situations where there may be a risk of fire. These doors can be found in many professional buildings and homes. In commercial buildings, these types of doors can be found in the following places:

– Exit routes from the building

– Between floors or between units

– Between different zones or occupancies

In residential homes, fire rated doors are typically found in the following places:

– Entry doors to a dwelling unit from a shared hallway or common area    – Doors to the dwelling unit from the garage

– Access staircases for 2 family dwelling

When an insurance company wants to ensure a building, they will perform a risk analysis and look at what is the most likely hazard to damage the building.

The use of fire rated doors can help prevent your home from getting damaged by fire. They can also reduce the risk of smoke and heat damage to your property and make sure that it stays intact.

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