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Fire-rated doors were designed with the intent to slow the spread of fires in high-rise buildings. They are often used in areas like hospital kitchens, hallways, and corridors where there is a high risk of fire.

Fire-rated doors are built with one or more fire barriers to reduce the rate that fire spreads when it reaches the door. The barriers include things like metal, gypsum board (drywall), or other materials that won’t burn easily. Fire-rated doors are required by law in most jurisdictions for building codes.

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The different types of fire rated doors and their benefits.

Fire-rated doors are an integral part of any building that is equipped with a sprinkler system. Fire-rated doors help keep the fire in one area, preventing it from spreading throughout the building. They also help maintain a living environment for residents during a fire evacuation by isolating the potentially toxic smoke and fumes in one area.

Fire rated doors are a necessary component in any building or structure. They provide a physical barrier to protect the occupants from fire and smoke.

This guide discusses the different types of fire-resistant doors for buildings, provides examples of each type’s benefits, and reviews various installation methods. For more information, visit us at – https://www.forestproducts.com.au/

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