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Timber veneer which is high-grade genuine timber is decorative and gorgeous in any home. The thin slices of timber produce some amazing grain patterns. This is achieved through either slicing or peeling the right logs to a thickness of 0.6mm, extremely thin. There are two main methods of slicing timber veneer. One method is quarter cutting which is when the timber is sliced at a right angle to the growth rings producing a straight line pattern. The other method is called crown cutting which is when the veneer is sliced parallel to the growth rings resulting in a crown figure in the middle with straight grain patterns on either side. Other methods are somewhat hybrids of the two and can also produce some amazing patterns sure to liven up any timber incorporated home.

Timber Veneer can be used in several products including stunning veneer doors, which are offered by Forest Products. Sequenced matched doors with corresponding wall panels produce a professional and cohesive look. Not only that but the veneer doors are built to lasts, less likely to warp and can withstand significant usage.

Many people question whether timber veneer can be used as a material in furniture. The answer is yes, veneer is commonly used in desks and cabinets. However, mainly in the areas of the furniture that are not having pressure applied to them such as the top surface of a desk, or the front panels of a cabinet. The reason for this is veneer furniture is more easily damaged and repairing it can be much more difficult. Solid furniture in this regard is much more reliable when it comes to these areas of furniture lasting longer.

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