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Processed Forest Products specialize in supplying its consumers with premium-grade timber wood panels as well as foils and laminates for timber. PUR Lamination technology allows Processed Forest Products to provide high-quality gloss laminates, acrylics, and foils, proving Processed Forest Products to be more than just a timber wood panels supplier. They also supply boards, and in terms of boards, they provide medium density fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, and blending plywood. Timber wood panels are a very popular option for doors of course whether they be timber veneer surfaced floors, high-pressure laminates or foils, Masonite, plywood, or MDF skins. Fire-rated doors also are available at Processed Forest Products and are a vital product in the commercial sector to maintain safety.

As well as supplying a variety of products, quality services are in-fact offered to every consumer that does business with Processed Forest Products. Cutting, sizing, edging, machining and finishing are all options they make consumers’ life far easier as they don’t have to go to other businesses to get these services done after purchasing from Processed Forest Products.  This convenience combined with quality makes dealing with Processed Forest Products a no brainer for consumers.

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