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Timber is an incredibly varied material, with a wide variety of species on offer. Each species of timber has a distinct look, its own properties, and a plethora of uses in building and furniture. Timber veneer sheets are a common use for many Australian and international wood species. These are great for adding the gorgeous look of a variety of natural timbers to a range of surfaces. It is also very environmentally responsible, allowing the beauty of rarer timber species to be preserved.

Here are just some of the many species of timber veneer sheets at Processed Forest Products:

  • Red Cedar – an attractive reddish timber with a well-defined grain. This is one of the most common timbers used in home veneers and joinery.
  • Tasmanian Oak – despite the name, it is actually a form of eucalyptus which has a brownish color and straight grain. They are durable and very attractive as timber veneer sheets.
  • Australian White Birch – native to Australia and relatively affordable, white birch has a more subtle grain than other timbers. It can be used in many veneer cuts for different finishes.
  • Mahogany – universally praised as one of the most beautiful timbers. It is reddish-brown with a straight grain and has many uses from furniture to stunning timber veneer sheets.

Processed Forest Products is a long-standing leader in the timber market in Sydney. Our wide range of timber species and masterfully cut veneer brings the beautiful look of timber veneer sheets into any home. Contact Processed Forest Products to learn more.

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