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As one of the most trusted timber veneer suppliers in Australia, we know that buying veneer products for your office renovations can be a complicated and time consuming process especially for the first time buyers. Whether you’re looking for cheap options or you’re ready to splurge on timbers veneers, as experienced timber veneer suppliers, we have prepared a guide of some handy tips that will certainly help you choose the right product for your needs. Let’s take a look.


How to Choose the Right Veneer?

At any well established supplier, you can get timber veneers in a number of shapes, colours and finishes. Every piece looks distinctive and stunning, and has all the natural characteristics like knots, bird eyes, figuring etc that make wood so appealing to everyone.

Reconstructed, Reconstituted and Dyed veneers are some of the popular options to choose from. Reconstructed veneer is natural veneer and comes with all the unique features of wood. These veneers are then dyed, glued again and re-sliced to produce consistent and innovative veneers.

While many homeowners still prefer the classic look of natural wood, people who are looking to attain unique colourful look go for dyed veneers. If you love the look and feel of timber veneer but want to achieve something more consistent, reconstructed veneers are a great option for you. These veneers offer an excellent consistency. As responsible timber veneer suppliers, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest commercial quality veneer products at an affordable cost.


Timber Veneer Suppliers:
Get World-Class Veneers for Your Office Renovations

Timber veneers are great for wall panels, cabinetry, casework, doors, and any curved surface.Useable sheets of timber veneers are called layons. These layons are then bonded to a solid substrate such as ply board, particle board, MDF or blackboard, among others.

Timber panels are made by bonding either the same quality veneers on both the sides or a high grade veneer on one side and a lower grade timber veneer on the back. The former are called ‘Good two sides’ and the latter are called ‘Down Grade Back (DGB)’. If purchased from reputable timber veneer suppliers, veneers can deliver a multitude of benefits to the owners.

We invite you to take a look at our commercial projects in our portfolio. For more information and to choose from the widest selection of timber veneer products in Australia, get in touch with the leading timber veneer suppliers – Processed Forest Products today!


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