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Wood has always been a beloved part of the home and interior design. Nothing gives a room the same warm and natural feeling as wood, and it has permeated home furniture design for centuries. Modern products such as timber veneer sheets and laminated boards have become very popular as a way to mimic the look of solid timber while fixing some of its flaws. Some of the main flaws are its high price and weakness to moisture, humidity, and a range of pests.

Solid timber can be enhanced or even fully replaced by alternatives like timber veneer sheets and laminates which retain its classic look. Veneers are real luxury wood that is sliced into extremely thin pieces and glued to a cheaper substrate. This keeps the appeal of the luxury wood species but in a much more economical fashion. Laminated board and veneers’ cheaper substrate lowers the overall price, great for large areas reducing the cost of non-visible parts. They are also much more versatile in shape, even being able to form smooth curves by bending the timber veneer sheets. This is impossible with solid timber. They will also warp and distort less due to the glue holding their shape.

There are still some situations where the best option is solid timber. One such use is benchtops and cabinet doors where their durability and ability to be sanded and refinished let it be restored after a few years of wear. Often the best option is to combine solid wood with timber veneer sheets, having solid timber edges where damage is likely to occur and veneer faces of the same species.

Timber veneer sheets are a fantastic way to enhance and substitute solid timber in your home. To learn more about using veneers and laminated board, contact Processed Forest Products.

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