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Purchasing natural products has become the norm these days. For instance, hardwood floors and furniture made of timber are becoming quite popular throughout the country. Not many people can afford to purchase furniture or cabinetry made entirely of high-quality wood. Quality wood might exude a superb look.

It might also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home interiors. But, it can be quite costly. To overcome this hurdle, many furniture and cabinetry makers make the furniture or cabinets with a cheaper variant of wood. Thereafter, they place a quality veneer (such as Wenge panels) on these objects to imbue them with a stylish and elegant look.

What is Wenge Wood?

Suppliers of laminated boards will usually have an assortment of veneers in stock. Wenge wood is among the top varieties of wood the world over. In the past, this exotic African wood came into use for making ceremonial masks and statues. Wenge panels typically feature fine black veins. They are also dark brown in colour.

The contrast of white bands against the dark wood give these panels an attractive and elegant look. In many cases, Wenge wood will have straight grains and a coarse texture. In addition, it does not need much by way of maintenance. And, it can resist wear better than several other varieties of hardwood. Hence, it has become a very popular material in the construction, wooden sculpting, panelling and cabinetry sectors.

Why is Furniture and Cabinetry Featuring Wenge Panels Such a Hit with Homeowners These Days?

As mentioned earlier, Wenge wood features dark brown shades. It has a black sheen as well. In conjunction, these attributes enhance and warm home interiors with little fuss. More importantly, they give homeowners an endless range of decorating combinations to use in their home interiors. So, you could purchase dynamic and ethnic Wenge veneers and panels from your local supplier of laminated boards.

Alternatively, you could opt for panels that exude a simple and classic look too. If you want to show off the ethnic side of your Wenge furniture, pair it with bright paints and fabric or warm colours (like red). The striking contrasts will energise your home interiors effortlessly. On the contrary, if you prefer classic Wenge furniture, pair it with natural shades such as flax, earth, off-white etc. This will make your interiors warmer and chicer.

The Use of Wenge Veneers and Panels is Also Popular in the Flooring Industry

The dark chocolate colour of Wenge panels often features liner or wavy golden wooden grains. Not surprisingly, this variety of wood makes flooring exude a classic and timeless look. Wenge wood is hard, heavy and durable. Moreover, it offers superb levels of dimensional stability. Hardwood floors have always been popular the world over. With the distinctive features that it offers, it is hardly surprising that Wenge wooden flooring is fast coming into vogue.

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