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Several homeowners consider replacing their interior doors at one point or another. In some cases, the current doors might be looking shabby or dull. In other cases, it could be likely that the door does not offer the desired visual look or functionality as it used to. If you happened to visit the facility of a reputed door supplier, you would inevitably come across an infinite range of doors. These doors will comprise different materials, patterns, colours, finishes etc. They will also come in a wide range of styles and textures. Of late, the demand for veneered doors has begun increasing gradually. These doors offer immense value in terms of their affordability and practicality. Not surprisingly, many homeowners across the country have been replacing their interior doors with veneered ones.

It goes without saying that many wooden doors currently feature solid blocks of wood. These doors use a large amount of solid wood. Hence, these doors will be solid and sturdy. But, the amount of material used will also make these doors pricey. In contrast, producers of veneered doors will place high-quality natural timber veneers over both faces of the door’s core by hand. This also helps in concealing the edges of the door. As a result, when they view the finished door, people will be under the impression that the entire door comprises solid wood. However, the combination of a wooden core with veneers yields a solid door with a relatively lower price tag. At the same time, unlike solid wooden doors, veneered doors will neither warp nor split.

It can be worth mentioning that using veneered doors can be beneficial to the environment too. This will be especially so because the sheer volume of material used for making veneered doors will be significantly lesser than the material used for making doors of solid wood. As a result, many environmentally conscious consumers prefer using veneered doors. In addition, suppliers of oak and burl veneers will be able to offer a wide selection of veneers to choose from. Hence, finding a specific veneer that complements your home’s interiors will not present any challenge.

Of late, some people have been opting for moulded panel doors for their homes. However, there has also been a resurgence in the number of people preferring veneered doors. These doors utilize wood finishes, colors and textures optimally. Thus, they exhibit a classic and timeless look, which will never go out of style. The versatility of these doors also makes them complement your existing interior décor perfectly. Smooth and stylish veneer doors can be ideal for contemporary homes with minimalist décor. Contrary to popular perception, veneer doors exhibit real wood grain patterns. Therefore, their unique look can transform the look of your home interiors effortlessly. These days, some suppliers offer veneered doors with a diverse range of glazing designs. Naturally, for people who want original and unique doors, this remains nothing less than a godsend. Glazed veneer doors can add light and character to any space with minimal fuss.

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