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As the veneer definition indicates that timber veneer is a product that is used for many different types of timber and different processed timber products.

While in natural timber veneer the wooden sheets are made from a single wood log, whereas in reconstructed veneer the wood veneer sheets are produced from a mix logs. Natural timber veneer has no patterned grains and is not altered in any way. Reconstructed timber sheets whilst still using some amount of real wood grain in it.

What is pre-finished timber veneer?

Pre-finished means real wood veneer with a natural look and feel that comes in a laminated form. The face of the pre finished boards are finished with a proper coating. There are different varieties of films that can be used for veneer coating with determined resistance of scratches, fading, and moisture, or yellowishness.

What are the different types of timber veneer sheets available?

With a wide range of timber panels, and timber veneer products – available timber veneer in Australia are:

  1. Blackbutt – This is a kind of pre-finished timber veneer made from exceptionally strong wood which makes them more durable.
  2. Beam Wood Oak Natural – This is a European origin timber veneer is sliced from old weathered oak beams giving it beautiful brown coloring and brushed texture.
  3. Sawn Oak Lime – This European oak pre-finished veneer not only look like lumber fresh wood also offers a lot of characters and bright tonality of highlights the textured finish.
  4. Vibrant Oak Grey Wash – This pre-finished timber veneer is a natural timber veneer also comes in vibrant oak cool white, vibrant oak dark grey color.
  5. Tasmania Blackwood – Tasmania Blackwood is a hardwood that is native to Tasmania forests. In spite of the wood’s name. This is pre finished timber veneer wood that has a deep golden brown grain. It is a perfect timber for delicate craftsmen.
  6. Walnut crown cut – American walnut is a dark hardwood species with a deep, distinct coloring. The clear finish really lets the dark colour tones.

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