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Australian builders often look for the best materials they can use in their projects. In recent times, the use of precast concrete panels and prefabricated steel have become quite popular. These materials do not just reduce the construction timelines for building projects. They end up saving a lot of money too by reducing the need for additional labour. Of late, many builders have begun using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in their building projects.

These timber panels feature several pieces of dimensional lumber, which workers glue and stack in multiple crosswise layers. Manufactured from simple components of sustainable material, CLT panels come from wood obtained from sustainably managed forests. Manufacturers of these panels also do not need to use as much energy as they need for producing steel and concrete. Not surprisingly, these panels have caught the attention of many builders the world over.


Cross Laminated Timber Panels Facilitate Faster and Flexible Installations


Producers of CLT panels often prefabricate these panels to precise standards and dimensions. In some cases, the manufacturers of these panels will also be able to add the necessary finishes or insulation prior to installation. Hence, completing a project becomes a lot easier. And, several laminated board suppliers believe that builders will be able to hand over the structure for occupancy much faster as well. Unlike concrete or steel, CLT panels will not be very heavy. Thus, a structure built with CLT panels will weigh much lesser than steel or concrete buildings. The lighter weight of CLT structures serves to minimise foundation costs too. Moreover, builders have the ability to combine CLT panels with other construction materials such as steel or glue-laminated timber as well. This can be useful for enhancing the design flexibility of the structure.


The Use of CLT Panels Reduces the Carbon Footprint of the Structure


Many laminated board suppliers exhort builders to use CLT panels in their projects. These panels comprise timber that comes from sustainably managed forests. As such, timber will probably be the only building material that grow naturally and will thus, be sustainable. It can be worth mentioning that manufacturers produce CLT panels for specific applications. This minimises the waste of the material onsite. In addition, using the fabrication scraps for other architectural details or as biofuel eliminates wastage as well.


Reduce Project Costs by Building with CLT Panels


As mentioned earlier, CLT panels can hasten the construction process. This serves to reduce the cost to the contractor and consequently, to the end client. The cost benefits of using CLT panels stem from its lighter overall structure that entails less extensive foundation work. The use of prefabricated timber panels reduce the number of skilled workers needed for installation. And, it can be worth highlighting that CLT panels do not cost as much as other structural materials do. Given these cost-related benefits, it comes as no surprise that many builders prefer using CLT panels in their projects.


Enhance the Versatility and Longevity of Your Structure by Using CLT Panels


Sourcing CLT panels for your projects presents no difficulties. Many laminated board suppliers stock an enviable range of CLT panels. The cross-lamination of the lumber layers in these panels makes them quite strong and stable. CLT panels typically exhibit structural capabilities similar to concrete. This aspect makes these panels ideal for use in similar applications. Many builders use CLT panels for making floors, roofs, shear walls, bearing walls etc. In terms of longevity, CLT panels can be beneficial too. In a fire, the outermost layer of the panel will burn, thereby producing a layer of insulating char. Depending on the number and size of this layer’s build-up, this layer could offer up to 120 minutes of fire resistance too.


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