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These days, many homeowners are keen on using timber panels for their homes. These materials are valued for their appearance and their ability to make one’s home look elegant and classy. But these materials offer more value for the home than simply enhancing its appearance. This is especially true if the materials are made of mass timber.

The following are some of the reasons why timber is a better option as the building materials for your homes.

  • Timber is a Good Insulator

When heated, wood becomes harder since they dry up. At this point, it will reduce any energy leakage in the home, which will result in savings in the cost of heating or cooling the home. In comparison, steel normally expands and tends to weaken, which may cause it to weaken. When wood is compared to other building materials, such as stone and concrete, wood is still a better option. Homeowners have numerous options on the timber they can use for their wood veneer panels and timber panels.

  • Timber is Fire Resistant

Another reason why timber is the best material you should choose when building your home is its fire-resistant property. Studies have shown that five-ply cross-laminated timber panels can last up to three hours when they are subjected to heats of up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. During these tests, the wood only charred on the outside. This charring added another layer of insulation that further protected the interior from the fire. International standards have required the use of gypsum wallboards to further enhance the resistance of timber panels against fire.

  • Using Timber is Environment-Friendly

While there may be concerns about the effects of using timber as building materials, they can actually contribute to protecting the environment. First off, trees are renewable resources and some companies use mass timber for the materials used for building structures. Additionally, the wood used on structures can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 20 percent. The reason for this is they can absorb and store carbon dioxide. In comparison, the other building materials are not capable of absorbing, let alone storing carbon dioxide. Wood is also a carbon neutral material. This means using this material does not result in any net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is the only carbon neutral building material available in the market.

  • Timber is Durable

When compared to other building materials, timber buildings weigh up to 80 percent. Due to this, the size of their foundations is smaller. It also reduces their inertial seismic forces. Tests have also shown that timber offers a high strength-to-weight ratio. Due to this, structures with timber panels perform well when they are subjected to seismic activity. Additionally, if a home is made of these materials, it would be safer when these unforeseen events happen.

  • Timber Reduces Construction Costs

It is faster to build a structure using timber panels or timber veneer compared to using concrete and steel. Since these materials are normally prefabricated, they also require less construction traffic. Due to this, the construction period when using timber is considerably reduced, which can lead to considerable savings in construction costs. Moreover, work in building a small house using wood can continue even with harsh weather, such as rain and snow. In these conditions, work may be halted when stone and concrete are used in building a similarly-sized house when bad weather comes.

  • Timber Makes the Building Look Elegant

As indicated at the start, using timber panels enhances the overall appearance of a structure. Property owners also have numerous options on the type of wood they can use for their homes. They have several options when it comes to color, appearance, and grain. Since it may not be easy to select the most suitable type of wood to use, homeowners can discuss their options from reputable processed forest product providers. These providers can provide advice on what homeowners can use for different parts of their homes.

These are just some of the reasons why timber is a better option to use as building materials for a home. For more information, visit Processed Forest Products !

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