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Zealous homeowners inevitably want their homes to look and feel the best in the neighbourhood. To accomplish this end, they will not think twice about embellishing their home interiors to perfection. They will not ignore their outdoor living spaces either. Visually appealing home interiors denote different things to different people. For some individuals, colour-coordinated interiors can be quite attractive. For others, the use of wood panelling can make the interiors look warm and timeless.

Some people might feel that the use of wooden panels will not seem appropriate in contemporary times. These individuals feel that wooden panelling inside homes could make the interiors look obsolete and dated. However, this will no longer be the case. Interior design experts believe that wooden panels have gradually been staging a comeback in recent times. Hence, using them could enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house.


An Overview of Wooden Wall Panelling


Manufacturers of timber veneer panels also produced wooden panelling for use in home interiors. They constructed these panels from rigid or semi-rigid components featuring wood. In many cases, these panels have interlocking mechanisms that make installation fairly easy and straightforward. The use of wooden panels arose from a need to make buildings warmer and more comfortable. Stone buildings, in particular, could be quite cold and draughty to live in.

The installation of wood panelling did not just make the space look more compelling. It also helped the structure retain heat more easily. Wooden panels became popular because they made homes look distinctive. They added texture to a space, while making a space look warmer and more welcoming. The versatility of wood made it remarkably easy to transform a dull and boring room into an elegant and charming space.


Why Did Homeowners Decide to Turn their Backs on Wooden Panels?


Some decades back, wooden panels used to be quite common to spot in many homes and offices. Their inexpensive prices and simple installation made them immensely popular. But, these panels used to feature predominantly dark shades and hues. As a result, they used to make homes look darker and consequently, gloomy. Because of this, homes began to feel colder as well. The abundance in the markets of cheap composite imitations queered the pitch further.

It didn’t take long for people to view these panels as being both trashy and commonplace. To eliminate these problems, homeowners began to consider other options available with suppliers of fire rated doors and veneers. Over time, the presence of other options that made homes look brighter and warmer reduced the demand for wooden panels.


Why Have Wooden Panels Come Back Into Vogue in Recent Times?


However, wood panelling has staged a gradual comeback. No longer do these panels feature dark and gloomy shades. Today, you can mix them with a diverse selection of white or bright accents to make your home interiors look chic. The wooden panels available these days remain greener and more stylish than their predecessors. Interestingly, wooden panels continue to retain their rustic look. But, the manufacturers of these panels have ensured that today’s wooden panels provide a stunning fusion of retro and modern. People have taken to the new avatars of wooden panels because these panels:


  • Exude a more rustic look
  • Make living spaces look modern and retro simultaneously
  • Add colour and texture to a given space
  • Enhance the depth and warmth of a room and,
  • Save you some money too


Timber veneer panel suppliers nowadays stock, wooden panels comprising weathered, scratched or marred wood that adds texture to a place or complements the existing décor. Similarly, some people prefer hanging their wooden panels horizontally instead of vertically.


At Processed Forest Products, we specialise in producing quality veneered panels and solid core veneered door panels. We supply superb timber veneers and wood panelling to distributors, architects, cabinetry and furniture companies as well as shop or office fitting manufacturers. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities and quality products have won us renown throughout Australia. Check out our portfolio here.

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