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wood veneer panels


When doing interior design for commercial venues like offices, hotels, theatres and other institutions, elaborate use of top quality decorative materials is essential. The use of timber veneer has increased for the past years to meet this interior designing demand of interior designers, architects including builders. The reasons why quality timber veneer is preferred vary from one user to another and here are some of them.

Timber veneer offers flexibility

In today’s modern interior design flexibility is among the major considerations when it comes to choices of materials that can be used as decoration or enhancement. This is one of the reasons that timber veneer is on top of the interior designing list of materials because it’s very flexible when blend with any design scheme.

Timber veneer designs come in a variety

Due to advanced technology used in the production of timber veneer, anyone handling the interior designing of a commercial space like office, hotel or restaurant will be overwhelmed with the availability of many designs, patterns and shades. You are free to select the type of edge, finish and texture that will suit the ambiance you wish to create.

Timber veneer is a good alternative
to solid wood

If your funds are limited, but wish to achieve the aesthetic beauty of solid wood, timber veneer is a good alternative without breaking your budget. In fact, if part of your interior designing project includes customising furniture pieces to blend with the commercial space, you will never be disappointed when using timber veneer materials like the American Oak veneer. Apart from being cheaper than solid wood, timber veneer offers low maintenance. So, if you are looking for an interior designing raw material that will look good on your customised office furniture set that are easy to clean and maintain, go for timber veneer than solid wood.

Timber veneer is ideal for intricate designing

One of the characteristics of timber veneer material is it can be bent based on the architect’s design framework. So, if the interior designing project needs intricate craftsmanship on wall surfaces, counter tops and furniture, timber veneer is the perfect raw material that will produce the desired outcome.

With the many benefits you will receive from using timber veneer in interior designing commercial venues, it’s a fact that this raw material is indeed a good replacement to other expensive decorative or enhancement materials like solid wood. Timber veneer’s appearance resembles like solid wood, originates from environment-friendly forest wood, affordable, plus the designing options are endless. If you want to know more about the variety of designs that can be used for your interior designing projects, talk to one of the Forest Products representatives.


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