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It goes without saying that quality products can be worthwhile investments. This holds true regardless of whether you purchase home appliances or construction material. High-quality products will invariably have a higher price tag on them. But, they will offset this relative drawback with some superlative benefits. For starters, the products will not malfunction or wear out any time soon. This eliminates the need for costly repairs and renovations. In addition, these products will typically come with manufacturer warranties that can protect your interests in case things don’t go according to plan. So, when you buy a high-quality product, you will need to pay a higher price. But, you can enjoy peace of mind that you will not need to worry about the functionality or look of your purchase for some years to come.

Each product often comes with an associated hallmark or certification. This certification highlights the worth and the excellence of the product. For instance, some of the best timber veneer sheets and panels come with Forest Stewardship Council or FSC certifications. A wide selection of processed wood products come with FSC certifications as well. This certification attests to the quality of the veneer or wood product. It also indicates that the suppliers have adhered to the Council’s requirements in terms of following sustainable logging practices.

For the uninitiated, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) came into being in 1993. The founding of this non-profit organisation stemmed from a growing need to combat alarming levels of deforestation taking place the world over. One of the prime objectives of the FSC lies in maintaining the natural balance of logging and conserving trees. It also works to eliminate the menace of over-logging, which could be detrimental to the environment.

Thus, when you purchase a wood product or veneer that carries an FSC certification, you will inevitably know that the product ranks high in quality. However, the certification also means that the wood of the product has come from trees in well-managed (or responsibly managed) forests. As such, you can rest assured that your product has not adversely affected the environment. In addition, the certification means that the product has not affected the local community in any way as well.

It goes without saying that only the best manufacturers and companies have the wherewithal for working with FSC-certified timber veneer panels and sheets. These organisations will have in place strict manufacturing procedures that place an emphasis on quality. Thus, the quality of your wooden product will be quite high. An FSC certification inevitably means that the veneer or plank features sustainable or reclaimed material. Reputed providers and manufacturers or veneers and wood products typically need to comply with various measures for obtaining an FSC certification. As such, these companies will need to incorporate various measures that focus on protecting the ecosystem in their facilities. This effectively means that these organisations will obtain their materials ethically from legal forests.

Another quality standard that wooden veneers need to comply with involves the regulations prescribed by Standards Australia. Issued as AS/NZS 1859, this standard pertains to the veneer industry in Australia. The sections listed in the document cover various aspects of wooden veneers including:

  • Their thickness
  • Their moisture content
  • The grade limits prescribed for face and backing veneers

In addition, certain portions of AS/NZS 1839 covers the qualities of veneers. They also provide detailed information on the substrates to which suppliers bond the veneers. It can be worth highlighting that the quality of backing veneers will usually be inferior to that of face veneers. However, this variance will usually be at the customer’s discretion. Similarly, the species of the backing veneers might be the same as the face veneers (or not). Again, this will involve heeding the customer’s requirements.

Wood veneer panel suppliers know the importance of backing veneers in wooden panels. The backing can be important even if the back remains concealed. The backing enables the balancing of the panel. As a result, no one side of the panel will gain or lose moisture more than the other. The absence of this backing could lead to issues such as warping. In recent times, consumers have been showing a preference for eco-friendly products. But, they will want eco-friendly products that do not compromise on quality or looks. This practice applies even when people shop for wooden panels or veneers. Thus, purchasing veneer sheets with AS or FSC certifications could be the right option for these individuals.

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