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Company Profile

Processed Forest Products’s reputation for excellence was achieved under the ownership and guidance of the founder of the company Mr. Bruce Eyles who saw the opportunity to supply the Australian Furniture Industry and other markets with quality timber veneer laying facilities.

Today the family business is owned and operated by Michael Eyles. We are flexible in our manufacturing capability and processes to produce short production runs to meet specific customer requirements.

We are unique in that we are the only major manufacturer to have in house control of all the veneer layon (selected bundles of veneer which have been specially cut to size and then jointed to create a useable sheet size) manufacturing processes to ensure the laying of the best quality veneers available on the Australian market.

This gives us the benefits of greater control of raw material quality, consistency, overall quality of the finished product, waste reduction and containment of manufacturing costs.
Manufacturing excellence is achieved through our strict quality control at all points of the manufacturing process enhancing our reputation for quality and reliability.
With continued market and product research and development, innovation and staff training we are confident of continuing to “grow with quality” proud of our past achievements and confident in our future as market leaders in the field of high quality timber veneered panel production.


  • Manufacturing quality veneered panels on Plywood, Particleboard and Medium Density fibreboard (MDF) substrates and Solid Core Veneered Door Panels.
  • Supplying the Distributor (Reseller market) as well as Architect Designer Projects, Major Cabinet, Furniture and Shop/Office fitting manufacturing industries locally and on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia.
  • Exporting successfully to the Pacific Islands since 1992 and more recently to Japan and New Zealand.
  • Our major services include, veneer layons, veneered edging, specialty decorative segmented veneer laying, bending plywood.

Environmental Awareness

Processed Forest Products is very sensitive to the needs of the environment and supportive of the use of plantation and sustainably managed regrowth forests.
Environmentally timber veneer is the most efficient use of timber as a building or decorative material so we are maximizing the utilization of this precious natural resource.
The veneers used in our manufacturing processes are sourced from reputable veneer merchants using either sustainably managed forests or plantations veneer production.
Veneer wood waste from our manufacturing process is minimized and where possible recycled through specially installed chipping equipment, which turns veneer waste into chips, used as garden potting mix.

Processed Forest Products supports the efficient, environmentally sensitive and sustainable forest usage. We believe the use of wood based products is often environmentally the best choice as it is a renewable, natural and energy efficient resource.