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Wood panelling is a great way to get the right kind of walls in your home. There are several options in the market when it comes to this segment. Some of these are more popular than others and timber panels come in a number of forms.

Each of these serves their own specific needs and you need to know them to get the right option for your home. Here are the 5 most popular types of wood panelling in the market.


5 Varieties of Timber Panels


Tile boards

Tile boards are exactly what they sound like. These are tiles lookalike timber boards that can be installed in homes. They provide a number of benefits including looking like ceramic tiles. At the same time, their construction allows them to be moisture resistant and thus, they make for easier cleaning. Their grout lines also mean they last longer since dirt cannot seep into joints.


Design-based Panels

These kinds of timber panels are mostly used to line up walls. The most common types of wall panels in this category are a mix of wood and synthetic processes. Other types of panels for walls include prefabrications which can then me repurposed to suit the specific walls they are to be installed on. Laminates are another popular option in this category.


Utility Panels

This type of panelling is somewhat of a novelty when it comes to the timber panel market. These types are usually manufactured to suit specific trends and designs. Most common utility panelling has a number of perforations on them. These are used to hang things and you can get them in a number of colour schemes. Also, you can have them designated to a specific area of the wall or have them all across any side.


Structural Panels

Some kinds of wood panelling might be used to create exterior surfaces on houses. These kinds of timber panels are most often seen either in rural places or in niche designed business offices. In some cases, these panels can be used in both exterior and interior applications.


Acoustic Panels

These wood panels are commonly used to drown out the noise from inside a room. They are also regularly used in rooms where musicians practice or other kinds of performance-based arts are used.


Where Can You Find the Best Wood Panelling in Australia?

Processed Forest Products provides the best wood panelling solutions in Australia. We offer a large selection of options and all of them come highly rated. Contact us to find the best one for your needs!


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