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Nominal veneer leaf size(s):

Lengths generally 2500mm up to 3100mm. Widths – various

Typical Finished Panel size(s):

2400mmx1200mm, 2700mmx1200mm, 3000mmx1200mm

Thickness of Veneer:

0.55mm – 0.65mm


This sustainable natural wood veneer has all the beauty and warmth that can only come from using real wood. The uniqueness of each log means that every project has its own special appeal, yet at the same time you can have the confidence that the forests where the veneer came from are being sustainably regrown to give a continuing supply in perpetuity. Suitable for all low wear and dry vertical interior applications such as furniture and panelling. The appearance of this veneer may vary because wood is a natural product. It may have natural features such as pin knots and figure.